What’s the first step? Choosing where to build it!

Deciding where to build is an important part of building a custom home so here are the top 5 considerations when choosing a lot for your dream home:

  1. Location, location, location! Location is incredibly important, and you should take into account the commute, schools, and neighborhood before buying your lot.
  2. Size matters. Do you prefer a smaller enclave or master-planned development? Is it large enough for the features you want for your home i.e. a garage, a play space for children or pets, or hobbies like gardening and family recreation?
  3. The price is right (or wrong…) Are you paying for the location, or could you find a lot in a comparable area for less? What about property tax rates?
  4. Avoid a “natural” disaster. Consider the geologic and vegetation factors involved in a lot. Is the lot in a floodplain? Do any trees need to be removed?
  5. Are you in the zone? Ensure there are no zoning or legal issues by asking what restrictions apply to the property. Are there any easements, setbacks that could affect your home’s design and placement on the lot?

What’s the best way to ensure your lot is perfect? Get a builder on board before you buy so they can help you identify the best lot for your needs that won’t present unforeseen issues once the build starts.

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