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Are You Ready To Build Your Dream Home?

Is it true that you were on the front cover of Atlanta Home Improvement Magazine?2021-08-18T23:05:39-04:00

Yes, we were on the cover of the Oct 2010 edition of the Atlanta Home Improvement Magazine.  They chose a kitchen in a custom home we built in Buckhead, in the City of Atlanta, for the photo.  We are also recipients of more than 25 Greater Atlanta Home Builders Association OBIE Awards.  We are very humbled by the acknowledgement and are looking forward to working with Atlanta Homes and Lifestyles Magazine in the future.

How do you deal with out of town clients that don’t live in Atlanta?2021-08-18T23:05:48-04:00

We enjoy the challenges of building for out of town clients. Thorough communication is essential to a successful relationship with our clients, and we are able to stay in contact throughout the entire process with the use of technology. We use a web based software program that allows us to share information (pictures, drawings, sketches, etc.) with our clients. They can see the progress of their home, make decisions and exchange information through the web.

What separates you or makes you unique from your competition?2021-08-18T23:05:55-04:00

What makes us unique is the entire building experience we create for our clients. It begins with the design. Our designers are some of the best in the industry; their ability to listen and understand our client’s desired living environments combined with their knowledge of architecture and mastery of details yields homes of the highest quality and functionality. Our attention to detail and client focus continues through the construction process and beyond, creating not only a one-of-a kind home but an enjoyable and distinct experience.

Where do you build custom homes or renovate kitchens, baths, and basements or build home additions?2021-08-18T23:06:04-04:00

We custom build or renovate throughout Fulton, Cobb and Dekalb Counties. The cities within those counties we typically cover are Vinings, Smyrna, Marietta, Roswell, Alpharetta, Dunwoody, Sandy Springs, Buckhead, North Buckhead, Brookhaven, Midtown, Virginia Highlands, Ansley Park, Ormewood Park, Peachtree Hills and Emory areas.  We also will work in other areas around the Metro Atlanta area and on some instances are willing to travel the nation for projects.

Can you help arrange financing?2021-08-18T23:06:14-04:00

We have established relationships with companies that do construction lending, well and without delays. The companies we work with are local to Georgia; are efficient, timely, competitive and competent in handling your loan. They have a variety of loan options to suit your needs.

What style of homes do you design and build?2021-08-18T23:06:24-04:00

We work with Atlanta’s best designers and architects. They have designed some of the best homes around the area and country, and understand the details that make a home truly unique. It’s our attention to details that sets us apart, whether you want Mediterranean, Southern Living, Old World, or Hill Country.  We work as a team to capture your vision and make it a reality. Our design philosophy is to ensure our homes meet the needs and tastes of our clients. It is our desire for you to be proud to have a unique “Built by Longo” home.

What kind of time frame should we expect for designing and building a home in Atlanta?2021-08-18T23:06:35-04:00

Once we begin the process, it will take 3-5 weeks to produce a preliminary design. After we receive your feedback we will need another 60-90 days to produce working drawings. You should plan on approximately 4 months from the initial design interview to contract proposal. The construction time is dependent on the size of the home, the nature of the site and of course, weather. Typically our construction build schedule for a 4,000 to 6,000 square foot home should take 8-10 months.

What is the price of your homes on a cost per square foot basis?2021-08-18T23:06:43-04:00

Our homes are uniquely designed for our clients and their particular building site. We work with local Atlanta based architects and designers to custom design our homes to maximize efficiency, style and performance, and value engineer the home to meet our client’s vision, needs and budget. Square foot price is determined by the type of house our client wants, the design and the finish out of the home. A general range for our clients is $180 to $270 per square foot. This range is for the home only and does not include land or site improvements.

How often will I have access to the home during the building process?2021-08-18T23:06:51-04:00

We limit the site visits to during working hours Monday – Friday 8am to 5pm.  We ask to be called before hand to schedule the visit so we can prepare the site and remove all potential dangerous accident causing items.  We do not allow any site visits after business hours or on weekends without one of our representatives being made aware in advance and approved in writing.  We have to be sticklers on this because accidents happen and we want everyone safe, especially with children around.  Children get very excited on construction sites and typically head right for the dangerous objects and place themselves in hazardous situations.

They can also cause other situations like the one I had with a previous custom home I built where a child was at the site on a weekend with its parents and found a can of WD-40 oil. The child walked around with it with its hand on the nozzle, right across the hardwood floors and up the custom curved hardwood stair system.  Needless to say it was a lot of work cleaning up those soaked-in oil stains.  Not a good situation.

How many years have you been in business? Are you financially strong?2021-08-18T23:07:01-04:00

We have been in the building industry for 21 years and in business in Atlanta since 2000 with the parent company Longo Homes Inc. and now Vincent Longo Custom Builders.  We took the company thru an “extreme home makeover” for the new look, feel and name.  We are fiscally sound with my bank rating an A+.  Through these tough times we have run a tight financial ship and did not get inventory heavy before the stuff hit the fan.  We forecasted the decline of the housing market in 2007 and quickly moved into position to be in an offensive rather than a defensive position like the majority of my competitors.

Is there anything in your contract about changes? Don’t I have to give you approval first?2021-08-18T23:07:12-04:00

Yes, all changes to the original contract are to be written via an official change order signed by both parties even before construction starts.  Payment for change orders is due immediately and once received the change order work will be executed.  Keep in mind construction change orders can and typically cause work delays and potential scheduling issues.

How do you compare with other builders? Why are your prices higher/lower?2021-08-18T23:07:25-04:00

Well I am biased but remember each day that my talents are on loan from God.  I strive to make sure that every home we renovate or build is handled like it is my own home.  I make sure that only the highest quality materials and subcontractors are utilized.  I make it my goal to keep the communication lines open and make sure I am a great leader of the power team put together to make your dream a reality.  Yes, my prices are typically higher than a guy with a pickup truck and some hand tools.  I insist on excellence, which causes me to employ the best suppliers and subcontractors, which results in slightly higher costs that I incur.  I typically profit the same as most builders but the end product tends to be more for the customer because I build to discriminating standards.

How can I find a good mortgage company, and what are the key differences from one company to another?2021-08-18T23:07:33-04:00

Well the times have changed for construction financing and I recommend you speak with your local realtor or Atlanta Home Builders Association.  I have a few great companies I can recommend and you can call me directly at 404-815-7224 to get referrals.  Just know that the majority of financing companies are requiring more down to the tune of 25% or more.

Could window coverings be installed during the building process and included in the bid?2021-08-18T23:07:40-04:00

Absolutely, we can install anything in the home.  The contract phase is a great time to get the pricing as it will be cheaper to bid it out up front as opposed to waiting till the end and having to complete a change order.

What types of floor plans do you offer?2021-08-18T23:07:48-04:00

We are custom builders that work with local architects and interior designers to make your design perfectly fit your needs and lifestyle.  We do have plans that we have built in the past for you to pick from but we typically see most projects go the architect route.

How will I make my selections of new products for my new custom home build or remodel in Atlanta?2021-08-18T23:07:57-04:00

Once you have contracted with us, we’ll provide you with a list of suppliers and sales reps including their contact information and showroom locations.  We will arrange appointments based on the construction schedule we provide you and we will make all product allowances known by all parties.  We will assist you as needed with selections on-site or at the showroom.  In many instances the sales reps will meet you directly at the project to walk the specifics and work with you on your vision.  They also gladly work with architects and interior designers to make the selections perfect.

Will the renovation to my home be messy?2021-08-18T23:08:04-04:00

We try very hard to eliminate the dust and keep your home as clean as possible. The job is cleaned daily before leaving, and a complete final clean is done at the end of the project.  We will also keep debris in a dumpster placed on site space permitting.  If not we will keep the debris in one location as approved by homeowner and remove the debris from the site once per week.

What is the minimum/maximum size new home build or renovation project you will consider?2021-08-18T23:08:13-04:00

Because we specialize in Custom Design and Build Projects, we work with any size project.

What is the warranty offered by Vincent Longo Custom Builders?2021-08-18T23:08:23-04:00

We provide a Home Builders Association of Atlanta standard One Year Warranty on all work completed, as well as the manufacturers’ warranties.

What are the payments to Vincent Longo Custom Builders?2021-08-18T23:08:35-04:00

For new homes we require 15%-25% for cash customers and then bill according to phase completion, based off the agreed contract.  For financed homes we will conform to requirements set forth by the draw schedule submitted by finance company.

For renovation projects we require a 25% deposit depending on the size and scope of the project at the time of contract signing, and then will bill by phase completion according to construction progress and contract.

I cannot seem to find a builder or contractor who will give me a free consultation; does your company offer this free service?2021-08-18T23:10:43-04:00

Yes, it is our pleasure and goal to make sure your project gets off to a great start whether you decide to use us or not.  Please call to set up a consultation at 404-815-7224.

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