Creating the Vision

We believe this is the most critical part of the entire building process.  Experience has taught us that the standard home building process tends to be more reactive in nature which typically leads to surprises and unhappy clients.  Our years of experience have taught us to take a more proactive approach to the process.  We have created a proprietary system called SureBuildTM.  Our SureBuildTM system and portal provides a seamless way to address key elements of the home and assists in the preparation of the plans and high quality budget based specifications.  The goal is creating a home that most closely reflects the client’s vision and budget.

  • Plans that have been meticulously thought out with your true budget in mind.
  • Detailed specifications that spell out every aspect of the home and the costs associated
  • A collaborative system that ensures value engineering
  • Budget management and cost controls.
  • The Buying power of CB/USA an elite buying group we are members of.  Currently the 6th largest builder buyer in the USA.

Ultimately the above saves time during the build process which can lead to cost savings and limits the on-site confusion.

During this important phase Vincent Longo Custom Builders will Coordinate:

Architect/Lighting Designer/Site Engineer – Typically manages all facets of architectural designs, lot design, functional and decorative lighting.  Will complete with the input of the client and various team members.

Director of Client Services – Will manage the team and all facets of the pre-construction process then contract through the building process. The Director of Client Services be the main point of contact for all customer interaction during the pre-construction process.

Builder – Responsible for overseeing the entire process, value engineering and construction related discussions.

Estimator – Will manage the pre-construction cost gathering of all materials and labor for the project.  The estimator will consolidate forecasting, budget proposals from team members and create the overall estimated costs and accurate budget.

Interior Designer/Selections Manager – Will manage all the design details and selections of the project.

Transparent Budgeting – Having a cost estimate prior to your plans being completed is very proactive way to ensure the design matches the budget.  During the pre-construction process a detailed budget will be created and constantly updated to ensure current cost controls and real time budget reports.  The monthly billing during the pre-construction process will include details of work performed, copies of each invoice, account reconciliation and projected cash flow for the months ahead.


Client Communication

Through experience, we have proven that a team approach serves best in providing you a quality home.  Interestingly enough, actual construction is the most predictable part of the whole process because in many ways it is repetitive.  The challenges arise in the area of communication since a custom home requires so many custom features.  Exchange of accurate information is critical.  Coordinating the customer selection items, ordering material on time and maintaining a smooth flowing construction schedule requires a great deal of management skills. Vincent Longo Custom Builders SureBuildTM program provides the most effective communication between the client and all of team members.  The high level of communication we utilize, with the added benefit of the SureBuildTM Portal, make the entire building process easier and more cost effective.

The Build

Throughout the construction process, the team is led by a dedicated site supervisor and the Client Services Director. These guide the team to build your custom home. This level of uncompromising service avoids the difficulties that arise when sub-contractors and vendors have no guidance from the typical general contractor and make decisions on their own: Vincent Longo Custom Builders guides each team member through the building of the home. These steps provide a defined path to the successful building of your new home.

During the construction phase, Vincent Longo Custom Builders will Facilitate:

Architect/Plan Designer/Lighting Designer – Responsible for plan clarifications, on-site changes and involvements as determined by the team.

Director of Client Services – Is responsible for coordinating all client selections and relaying that to the team in the field.  Manages the online SureBuildTM portal which includes budgeting, changes, approvals, scheduling and job site documentation.  Main point of contact for customer during the build process.

Client Communication is Key!

The Builder – Responsible for overseeing the entire process and vision, will be included in value engineering and construction related discussions.

Site Supervisor – Responsible for scheduling, job site construction, trade contractors, daily site operations, jobsite safety and quality control.  Manages all site activities and coordinates responsibilities of assistant site managers.

Interior Designer – Responsible for managing all the design aspects, color and feature selections of the project.

Customer Satisfaction

Our reputation for excellence is unparalleled and we will not sacrifice it under any circumstances. Our team collectively oversees the construction of each home as carefully as if it were our own. We pride ourselves in the quality of work we do and the continued service we perform, and we are confident that our relationship will continue long after you move into your new home.

When the home is complete we will go over every home to ensure the highest quality. If we have found discrepancies in any part of the home, we will create a list for the owner and correct these items. Finally, we will meet with the homeowner to review the build of the house, review the list of corrected items, and give the owner every bit of information they will need to properly care for the house.

Finishing Touches and Warranty Period:

Client Services Director – Responsible for finishing up the billing details and final warranty paperwork with the client.  They will ensure that the customer is totally satisfied with the process and set the expectations moving forward.

ProHome® North Atlanta – ProHome®’s PUNCHLIST MANAGER  is responsible for completing the Buyer Walkthrough Punchlist that is created at the Pre-Closing Walkthrough between the ProHome® Representative and the Buyer.

ProHome® will contact and schedule all trades and contractors that are assigned Punchlist work, prior to the Buyer’s Occupancy.  ProHome® will oversee the accessibility and locking up of the units for trades and contractors and oversee work completion.

ProHome® will photograph and document all completed work and will contact the buyer after occupancy to conduct a “Verification Walkthrough” with the Buyer and to gain their signature that the Pre-Closing Punchlist is completed.

Site Supervisor – Responsible for any fine tuning required prior to and immediately after delivery.

Home Warranty Team – Is responsible for the 45 day post move-in walk-through and addressing any immediate needs in the home.  They will also schedule the one year walk through and ensure it is completed at that time.